Better BURGER  Book

Eating burgers? Great! Making burgers? Even better!

Just one small bite for the ultimate taste experience a burger is the perfect family snack that brings everybody together! Whether with beef, chicken, fish or veggies, with this book every gourmand will find their favourite burger. homemade with fresh ingredients, high quality products and an extra dash of passion. More than 70 recipe ideas offer everything burger fans will ever need, from the self-made bun to the perfect patty, aromatic sauces and ideal side dishes. Tips on how to grill, recipes for cakes and desserts as well as healthy drinks. This book should be in every family-kitchen! The best recipes for everyday.


Better BURGER Buch


Rube Wester-Ebinghaus

Ruben Wester-Ebbinghaus, born in 1971 in Gütersloh, is a qualified Master in Communications with a passion for the stove and the grill. After working more than 17 years in the PR, events and advertisement industries he started chasing after the secret to the perfect burger and finally made his own dream come true: in 2013 he and his partner opened the first Holy Burger restaurant in Munich, where they prepare fresh organic burgers daily, made from the best ingredients. By now there are already 25 employees working in two branches, serving simply irresistible burgers.

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