Holy style: Everything is prepared fresh and we only use local ingredients and organic beef. Holy Burger combines an urban way of life with a healthy and environmentally-conscious diet fast food can do that too! We exclusively work with organic and fresh beef from the Herrmannsdorfer Landwerkstätten which we mince and prepare diligently multiple times a day. At Holy Burger organic is simply part of the deal. Furthermore, creative architecture with natural materials and a relaxing spatial concept with handmade furniture ensures that every visit to Holy Burger is something to remember.

We are certified ABCERT AG Kontrollstellennummer DE-ÖKO-006.

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delivery service - fair, bio and fast!
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Quality and responsibility are big words which we take very seriously.

100% Bio-beef

The Herrmannsdorfer place great importance on organic production. We know that they prepare their products with outstanding craftmanship.

Unique sauces

The exquisite addition: Cheddar-Jalapeño-Creme, Guacamole or one of our many vegan options.

The quality-promise

Our Holy standards of quality: succulent meat, fresh vegetables and the best crispy fries.

Fresh cheese

The special extra: Our fine cheese selection with cheddar, camembert and brie, all made out of milk from fair raised cows only.

Delicious salad

The fresh heart: high- quality Salads, tasty wild herbs and garden fresh vegetables.

Oven-fresh buns

The distinctive frame: You can choose from two types of Buns (wheat-, spelt- or glutenfree buns).


Burger special


Holy Hanoi
10,70 EUR

organic beef, hoisin sauce, fresh coriander, cucumber, carott, radish, salad, tomato, onions

Holy Raclette
10,70 EUR

organic beef, raclette cheese, salad, tomato, onions, holy sauce

Holy Blue Cheese
10, 50 EUR

+Blue Cheese

Holy Bim Bam
18, 50 EUR

+ 3x bio-beef, 3x cheddar, 3x bio-bacon

Holy Hirschburger
10, 70 EUR

organic venison, camembert & cranberries


Be the king of the grill! Best bio-beef with huge brioche buns on your grill, the whole season over. All that you need is in one box. Bio patties, buns, Holy bio-burgersauces, cheddar cheese at customer’s option and a chunk of butter. During summer we deliver our Brugerbox to your front door, where you can store your box up to 6 month in the freezer or start a grill party right away.



Just one small bite for the ultimate taste experience a burger is the perfect family snack that brings everybody together!

Whether with beef, chicken, fish or as a vegan option, with this book every gourmand will find their favourite burger.

Homemade with fresh ingredients, high quality products and an extra dash of passion.